The weather is getting colder and with that our kids will be more indoors.  So here are 16 crafts and activities for kids and boredom busters that you can do and make for them inside.  Enjoy! Activities For Kids

Activities For Kids

1. SNOW in the bathtub - Bring the snow inside and let the kids play! 2. Learn-to-Read Cootie Catcher - We love this craft as a way to help my daughter learn short A words. 3. DIY Custom Bottle cap Checkers - How to make your own bottle cap checker set. 4. DIY Treasure Basket - A Basket to Collect Outdoor Treasures Fun Activities for Kids

Fun Activities for Kids

5. Pirate Adventures - A fun pirate adventure, including a 'real' treasure hunt. 6. Free coloring pages - Personalize your coloring page for free by changing the font and text 7. Quiet Books - Twenty quiet book pages and ideas on how to make your own. 8. Craft Buttons of Fun -  Here are several activities you can do and make with your kids. Kids Craft Ideas

Kids Craft Ideas

9. How to Make a Dollhouse with a Box and Flyers - We cut up store flyers from the Sunday paper and fashioned a simple house by using a glue stick. 10. Let your child be a Doll designer - Here's a fun sewing craft that you can do together.  Have your child draw a doll and here's a tutorial on how to make that pattern. 11. Kids Can Make Their Own Lacing Cards - Teach kids basic sewing with these make-your-own-lacing-cards. 12. Sensory Bins - Easy to make sensory bins. The idea here is to go on a "treasure hunt," and find all the polished stones from among the mixed beans. Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids

13. Ziploc My Body Book for Babies and Toddlers - Make a Ziploc book for your baby or toddler...use for all sorts of activities. 14. Dolly Hair Pretties - Hair accessories you little girl will love so much she won't loose them. {{wink}} 15. The Mom, I'm Bored Jar - Beat indoor boredom with a jar full of activities for your kids. 16. Make your own American Doll Dress - Create a cute multi-fabric dress with this free printable sewing pattern.

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